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We Pay Large Referral Fees to Our Network of Referring Attorneys — Partnering with Us Makes Good Business Sense

Defense lawyers often tell us that we work up our cases better than other personal injury firms and that we obtain top dollar settlements compared to our competitors who often settle for pennies on the dollar. Why is this important, and why should it matter when you consider where to send your personal injury referrals?

First and foremost is your reputation. The firm to which you refer your clients must be able to deliver not only great results, but must also be ready, willing and able to treat your clients like a top priority. Our unparalleled success at PNH is founded on that principle. When you refer clients to us, you can rest assured they will be satisfied with the process, and the referral will reflect well on you.

Your second concern is financial. As a referring attorney, you are legally entitled to share in the attorneys’ fees that we recover. We earn a contingency fee pursuant to a retainer agreement with our clients, and you are entitled to a significant percentage of that total fee. It’s perfectly logical for you to want to refer your clients to a firm that will maximize the value of the case and, in turn, your referral fee.

Simply put, when you refer a case to PNH, both you and your client benefit. We never compromise our clients’ interests, and we pride ourselves on maximizing our clients’ recovery. We build each and every case to be trial ready. That meticulous preparation affords us an advantage during settlement negotiations. We are bullish on our cases, and we have the experience to back it up. Insurance companies know we’re tough negotiators, and they know we won’t ever settle for less than what our clients deserve. And you shouldn’t settle for less when deciding where to send your referrals.

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As time-tested trial lawyers, we have consistently achieved top recoveries for individuals who have suffered serious personal injury and other financial loss.

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